Right Commitment 09.18.17 // Michael Canic

Don’t be Held Hostage by Consensus

Don’t be Held Hostage by Consensus

Most leaders are enlightened enough to know that you won’t get very far these days being a dictator. Sure, you’ll get compliance – at least in the short term – but you’re also likely to get low morale, poor productivity, and excessive turnover. ... Read More

Right Focus 09.11.17 // Michael Canic

Why Measurement is a Process, Not an Event

A businesswoman and businessman stand at a profile to the camera as they looks up at a large wooden ruler that is standing on its end inside a large room.

We have a greater capacity to measure than ever before. Increasingly sophisticated data collection methods and tremendous analytical power enable us to delve deep into critical business issues, such as operational performance and customer behavior. It has ... Read More

Right Environment 09.04.17 // Michael Canic

How to Bridge the Cross-Functional Chasm

Two businessmen on walls outdoors with large gap shouting to one another

Every organization struggles with it. The battles and breakdowns that occur in the spaces between the boxes on the org chart. So, how do you bridge the cross-functional chasm? ... Read More

Right Environment 08.28.17 // Michael Canic

Be Authentic, but Not Too Authentic

A nude man worried about the size of remaining leaf.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about managing paradox – concepts that are seemingly at odds with each another. Last month I posted a blog on the topic, making the case that many of the paradoxes leaders are faced with are actually false paradoxes. ... Read More

Right Team 08.21.17 // Michael Canic

The #1 Challenge Facing Leaders Today

Silhouette of young businessman pushing large stone uphill with copy space

His question stopped me. We had won a national championship the year before – the top team in college football. As a young assistant coach it was a tremendous experience, and it taught me what it takes for a team to succeed. Yet when Frank, our head ... Read More

Right Commitment 08.14.17 // Michael Canic

Here’s a Success Strategy: Ask Outrageously

Business man on a ladder reaching for a shining star

As a leader, you’re continually making requests. Your success depends on getting things done through others. So how good are you at making requests and getting what you want? ... Read More

Right Focus 08.07.17 // Michael Canic

Grow Your Business? Sure, But Here’s What to Grow

Man standing on the edge of a cliff admiring a big beanstalk. This is a 3d render illustration

It seems obvious. You should want to grow your business. But is that necessarily a good thing? Growth brings with it a set of serious challenges. ... Read More

Right Commitment 07.31.17 // Michael Canic

Effective Leaders Effectively Manage These 4 Paradoxes

Top down view of human brain depicting left side right side differences. The right side shows creative, music and art while the left side shows calculation, numbers and mathematics.

Effective leaders are able to manage paradox – concepts that are seemingly at odds with each other. They are able to understand and navigate the nuances that determine success or failure in the real world. ... Read More

Right Focus 07.24.17 // Michael Canic

Evolving Your Brand: Honoring the Old While Creating the New

Modern Laptop and Antique Typewriter

If yours is like many businesses, there will come a time when you have to evolve your brand. What you offer, who you serve, what you want to be known for. ... Read More

Right Commitment 07.17.17 // Michael Canic

How to Change Culture When Culture is Entrenched

Little businessman is pushing a big boss's huge feet on gray background. Office confrontation. Disobedience. Incentive and impetus.

Cultural change is hard. Especially so in a massive organization where that culture is deeply entrenched. Yet that was Mary Barra’s task when she took over the helm of GM three years ago. ... Read More

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